Best time to visit Sri Lanka

You need to know the best time to visit Sri Lanka to spend a nice holiday under a warm sun.

Why would you choose to visit a tropical island such as Sri Lanka? For the nice climate of course!

We all want to spend a nice holiday under a warm sun and especially if you are from a cold country, the sun is a fundamental part of the holiday of your dreams.

Well, you should be informed well to choose the best time to visit Sri Lanka. The climate conditions are changing every month so the choice when it the best time to travel to Sri Lanka is maybe the most important thing to do, mostly because you would be able to find sun at any time of the year, but not everywhere in Sri Lanka. 

For the Europeans sometimes it’s difficult to understand this part because in Europe there is no tropical climate like this so the monsoon periods and the heavy rains can easily destroy your vacation if you choose wrong season in the wrong part of Sri Lanka.

So the main question is when to visit Sri Lanka?

sunset3 In Sri Lanka there are two main monsoon seasons:

  • Yala, the south-western monsoon
  • Maha, the north-eastern monsoon

The first passes from May to September and the second one between October and January. However, the good point is that the south-western monsoon called ‘’yala’’ is active in the south-west of Sri Lanka during the months from May to September and the dry weather is usually present from December to March when is the best time to travel in this part of Sri Lanka.

Floods attack this side of Sri Lanka and it’s better to avoid the monsoon period when you are planning your trip. If you have to choose one month from the monsoon period to visit Sri Lanka, the best month to come is for sure August because in this month there is much lower rainfall. In these parts the tourists very often decide to go in Galle, Mirissa, Bentota or Negombo. Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka is located on the West coast so the best time to visit this city is during the winter months December or January.
1The north-eastern monsoon, ‘’maha’’ that is less severe and dangerous, so the wind, the rains and the thunderstorms are present between October and January, and sunny and clear periods from May to September. The months of June, July and August are the best time to visit this part of Sri Lanka. The most attractive places to stay on the East coast are Passikudah, Trincomalee, Arugam Bay, Batticaloa. In these parts there are not so developed and luxury resorts but you can pass an adventurous and unique holiday. Also, there is an inter-monsoonal period from October and November, so it’s not recommendable to visit Sri Lanka in this period because the bad weather conditions can happen all over the island.

The peak season in Sri Lanka is from December to April, so for many people that is the best time to go in this wonderful Asian country, first of all because of the weather conditions although the prices in the resorts can be more expensive in this time of the year. However the other months are not excluded if you check well the monsoon periods. Sometimes like all over the world, the weather can surprise you so you could be welcomed by bright and shiny days during the monsoon seasons, but also happens that during the dry season to be covered by torrential rains. This is a clear result of the global warming that in the last few years changed a while the weather patterns.pasikudah

Like a consequence of the rains, the level of the humidity in Sri Lanka is between 60 and 90%. Usually, it’s wetter on the south-west coast and on the mountains. In Colombo the average humidity is approximately 70% although it depends of the period of the year. Sri Lanka is located close to the Equator and that is the main reason why the temperature during the year is not changing so much. The average daytime temperature is between 26–30°C so the tourist can undoubtedly enjoy the warm weather and according to these numbers there is no particular time when to visit Sri Lanka. With altitude the temperatures are going down, but in Sri Lanka is always pleasant and comfortable.

Despite these short but significant considerations, Sri Lanka is a country that will provide you a great and unforgettable vacation and it’s true that is a year-round holiday destination. Maybe, in practice the best time to visit this famous island is between December and April, but I can confirm that if you choose well the cities and the places you will stay in, the other months of the year can be also the right decision.

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