Famous Sri Lanka Food dishes

Sri Lanka’s Food: a wonderful change from the usual food you eat at home.

Updated on 06/01/2016

food1Sri Lankan cuisine is not much different to the cuisine of South India. However there are some distinctions and you can expect a different eating experience when trying food in Sri Lanka. Due to the abundance of spices in the country, Sri Lankan food most often contains spices such as chillie powder, pepper, cinnamon, etc., which makes the Sri Lankan cuisine one of the spiciest cuisine in the world.

Let’s talk about few common Sri Lanka food dishes.

Kiribath & Pol Sambol

One of the prevalent food from Sri Lanka that you will come across is the kiribath. This translates to ‘milk rice’. It is basically rice cooked in coconut milk. Rice is a staple Sri Lankan food, while coconut milk is a very common flavor enhancer for Sri Lanka food dishes. The kiribath is commonly taken with ‘pol sampol’, which is a hot mixture of grated coconut and chillie power along with other ingredients. This makes a simple Sri Lanka food that is quite tasty as well.

food3Kottu & Roti

If you cross any restaurant in Sri Lanka at night you should hear the rhythmic beat of ‘kottu’ making. This is another popular food from Sri Lanka that is usually taken at night time. The ingredients of this SriLankan cuisine include Godamba roti, vegetables and a choice of chicken/beef/egg. All the ingredients are chopped well while it is cooking, that is what makes the familiar sound. This is one of the favourite Sri Lanka food dishes for locals; you will probably like it too.

Seafood – fried, baked or in curry

Being an island with rich sea life all along the coast, you can find an abundance of seafood here; as consequence the Sri Lanka cuisine has no shortage of seafood. Everything from fish, prawns, crabs and squids can be found in Sri Lankan food dishes. They are usually served with rice, but also with noodles or simply bread and can be cooked in a variety of ways which includes curried, fried, baked, etc. Sri Lanka cuisine will offer you the chance to enjoy a variety of seafood that is always served fresh.

Rice & Curry

There are quite some mouthwatering dishes part of the typical Sri Lanka food, which you can find to eat when travelling to Sri Lanka but the most consumed dish is Rice and curry. Since rice is the staple Sri Lankan food you will find it is many Sri Lankan food dishes. Surely there will be no shortage of spices in Sri Lankan cuisine, so be prepared for a spicy food adventure. You will surely enjoy the Sri Lankan food which will offer a wonderful change from the usual food you eat at home.

A quick tip: If you are not used to eat spicy always ask for non-spicy food as it is common for Sri Lankan chefs to add abundantly pepper and/or chilly even in typical western dishes such as Pasta or Burgers. 

Written by Prashanth

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