Festivals in Sri Lanka

Festivals in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is home to a variety of ethnic groups and religions. The rich cultural diversity of the country means that you can expect to see quite a lot of festivals from the different cultures you can find in the island. Festivals are grand occasions for the locals where they cheer and celebrate. You, as a foreigner, can also take part in these Sri Lanka festivals and witness the many beautiful happening at these merry times.

The Nallur festival is regarded as one of the most popular festivals in Sri Lanka all around the world. This festival which starts around August every year draws great amounts of tourists from all over the world. This festival is the festival of the Temple of Lord Murugha situated in Nallur. The duration of this festival is approximately a month, during which Lord Murugha takes a procession around the temple each days on different vehicles followed by thousands of worshippers. It is one of the grandest Sri Lanka festivals you can see.

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festival2Another one of the popular Sri Lanka festivals is the Esela Perehara festival. It is a festival of the Buddhist which takes place every year in the month of July or August in the city of Kandy. A delightful sight awaits anyone intending to witness this festival. The procession will include elephants that are decorated well, fire dancers who put on impressive displays and the traditional Kandyan dancers who carry out their traditional dance while wearing colourful costumes. It is one of the festivals in Sri Lanka that you would not want to miss.

The Avurudu, or the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, is one of the biggest Sri Lanka holidays. The festival is on the 14th of April and is one of the most significant Sri Lanka festivals for Sinhalese and Tamils alike.  While the calendar lists the festival to take place on two days, most people usually take a holiday of one week, so it is one big holiday in Sri Lanka. This holiday in Sri Lanka is similar to the Christmas festival which you may be familiar with.
If you visit the country now you will be able to witness the two of the biggest festivals in Sri Lanka, Nallur festival and Esela Perehera festival respectively, because they both start around this time of the year. Also one of the biggest Sri Lanka holidays is the Avurudu, which will see a week of celebration for the locals. It would be a wonderful opportunity to take part in the festivals in Sri Lanka.


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