How to obtain Sri Lanka Visa Online

Sri Lankan Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for Tourism

Sri Lanka Visa online: Easy step by step guide on how to request and FAQs.

As for many other countries, it is necessary to hold a valid Visa issued by the Sri Lankan authorities to enter the country. Until few years ago the Visa was issued on arrival for most of the world citizens. Nowadays it is possible to request the Sri Lanka ETA online, thanks to a modern and quick service offered by the Sri Lankan Immigration & Emigration Department.

The Sri Lankan Online visa is called ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) and can be requested through the governmental official portal. To request the visa it is not required to upload passport and picture scans, however the applicant’s personal details have to be provided as per passport information. On arrival the traveler is advised to keep a printout of the ETA to be presented along with the passport to the Immigration authorities.

In the next section you will find a series of FAQs about Sri Lanka tourist visa. Click here if you want to skip to the Step by step guide: how to obtain Sri Lanka visa online.

Which types of visas are issued online?

The online services issue only visas for short visits: Tourism and transit. Any other type of visa ETA can be requested through a Sri Lankan Embassy prior to arrival.

Who needs Visa to visit Sri Lanka?

All nationalities need to apply for ETA with the exception of Maldive, Seychelles and Singapore passport holders who can remain in the country up to 30 days for tourist purposes. Flight and ship crew members in transit (upto 48 hours) and children below 12 years old of any nationality are not required to request the authorization.

Can I obtain the visa only online?

No, you can also request the ETA through the Sri Lankan Embassy in your country, in Colombo’s Immigration & Emigration department or on arrival. However it is recommended to use the online service.

Citizens of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Nigeria cannot apply through the online service and are required to apply in their nearest Sri Lankan embassy.

How much does the Sri Lanka visa cost?

Transit visa with single entry for 2 days are free. The tourist ETA with double entry for 30 days costs 15$ (SAARC countries nationals) and 30$ for all other nationalities. The fee is raised to 35$ if the visa is requested upon arrival.

How long is the processing time?

The Sri Lankan authorities are very fast in processing ETA requests. Although there is no certain information, it is possible to receive the visa even within few hours from the request. The portal includes a function to verify online the visa status.

Should I contact a private agency?

Friends, relatives or third parties such as tour agencies or your hotel may also apply on your behalf. The visa could be part of the package therefore it is advisable to clarify if it is included with the provider. There are also several “agencies” that offer only the visa application service however this is unnecessary. You can fill the online form by yourself and save 20$-30$.

Can I extend my visa?

Yes, you can request the extension of your visa for a maximum of 2 more months. Further extensions can be requested and may be granted by authorities if valid reasons are provided. The visa extension can be requested only at the Immigration and Emigration headquarters in Colombo.

Can I work or engage in NGO activities with the ETA for Tourism?

No, you are not allowed to work or engage with NGOs. In these cases, you need to request a different type of visa (for more info read Sri Lanka types of Visa)

Can I engage in business activities?

Same as above.


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Step by Step Guide: How to obtain Sri Lanka Visa online

Step 1. Go to the Sri Lanka ETA official application website. Read and accept the conditions.

Sri Lanka visa online - Step 1


Step 2. Select the type of ETA that you want to request.

Sri Lanka visa online - Step 2


Step 3. Fill the form, confirm the submitted information and pay.

Sri Lanka visa online - Step 3


Step 4. You will receive a confirmation email and when the visa will be approved you will receive another email with the ETA.

Sri Lanka visa online - Step 4

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