The Lion Rock, one of the most majestic places on the planet.

Sigiriya is located in Sri Lanka’s Central Province and is only a three-hour drive from Colombo. Sigiriya is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the most visited historical site in Sri Lanka. Also called Lion Rock, Sigiriya was an ancient city that is nestled 370m high on top of a giant rock. The site was selected by King Kasyapa in 477 AD, to provide a secure location for him to rule. After he was overthrown, Sigiriya became home to a Buddhist Monastery that remained until the 14th century.

When you first enter the Sigiriya site,  you will be met by the remnants of ancient gardens, some of which are still well-preserved. The Water Gardens still pool with water during heavy rainfall, and the fountains are impressively still active.

Sigiriya2To access the ancient city, visitor’s must climb on the staircase that once emerged from the mouth of a giant lion, although only the lion’s paws remain today. This lion gateway was the origin of the name Sigiriya which literally translates as “The Lion Rock”. At the top of the rock visitors can see the ruins of the once great royal palace, and it’s pools and gardens. The views from the top of Sigiriya are extraordinary and give visitors a 360 degree view of Sri Lanka’s lush landscapes and the magnificent gardens below.

Sigiriya is sometimes called the 8th Wonder of the World and when you visit, it will be easy to see why. The history and natural beauty of Sigiriya meld together in perfect harmony, making Sigiriya one of the most majestic places on the planet.

Written by Jessica Galbraith

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