Sri Lanka mobile operators – Tourist packages

In 2016 who would want to travel without the possibility to make calls, post pictures on Facebook and instagram or send messages on Whatsapp?

If you are travelling to Sri Lanka, here you will find all the necessary information you need to purchase a local sim card and/or internet data access.

What are the available mobile operators in Sri Lanka?

There are 5 mobile operators in Sri Lanka from whom you can purchase a prepaid sim card:

Sri Lanka mobile operators are pretty much advanced in technology and the main 2 operators, Dialog and Mobitel offer 4G technology as well for fast internet browsing.

If you like to be online while travelling with your laptop there aren’t many free internet hotspots throughout the island.

Don’t forget to take a USB Internet stick with you. That could be handy.

You could always buy one as well in Sri Lanka. The only problem is that most of the times these are country locked therefore unless you unlock it when you are back in your country it would no longer usable.

Where can I buy a sim card in Sri Lanka?

You have 3 options to purchase a sim card when travelling in Sri Lanka:

  • As soon as you land, after you have passed the immigration and collected your luggages, before exiting the airport you will get to a big hall where there are several mobile operators stalls.
  • Alternativaly you can also purchase a sim card in one of the official centers of the Sri Lanka mobile operators so if you missed the chance to get one in the airport you can definitely get one outside.
  • Last resort, there are many shops that sell sim cards throughout the island.
Sri Lanka airport mobile operators stalls
Sri Lanka airport – Mobile operators stalls

However, it is recommendable to purchase the sim card in either the airport or directly from the official centers.

Not because the shops are bad but simply because not everyone in these shops understand English while the staff at the airport and at the official centers do know English and it will be easier for you to understand the packages and make the right purchase.

Do they offer any special tourist package?

Each operator offers different packages and a couple of them offer special packages for tourists as well that includes both local and international calls as well as internet data to access your favorite apps from your mobile.

The price for a package with a sim card is relatively cheap and a sim with prepaid call credit and internet data costs around $10.

Here is a comparison table that can help you to choose an option based on technology, price, coverage and other useful information (click on the image to open it in a new tab):

Sri Lanka mobile operators packages for tourists
* 1 USD = 144.9 LKR – based on currency rate on 20/06/2016 – (source

Hope you find this useful. For any question or suggestion, please do leave a comment below.

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