Surfing in Sri Lanka

It is no wonder that Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations for surfers; it has been popular with surfers from all around the world since 60 years back. Being an island surrounded on all sides by the sea naturally made Sri Lanka an ideal spot for surfing. In this blog you will learn about surfing in Sri Lanka, which also includes information on Sri Lanka surf-tours and schools for surfing in Sri Lanka.

While the beach extends for miles around the island, you should find the right spots for surfing in Sri Lanka. Some of the popular spots for surfing in Sri Lanka include Hikaduwa and Arugam Bay. Being popular means it might also get crowded at times, so it is better to look for other options such as Weligama and Yala.

Your selection should take in mind the time of the year because certain locations have the right ‘seasons’. For example the South beach is in season November to April, and the East beach is in season May to October. That means if you are visiting the country now, Arugam Bay, located in the east will be a good spot for surfing.

surfing4Now let’s look at some of the Sri Lanka surf-tours that are available. There is a tour named South Coast Beach & Surf package, which can take you to surfing spots such as Weligama, Unawatuna, Mirissa, etc. The cost is $490 for two persons for a tour having the duration of one week. Another pick from the Sri Lanka surf-tours is the Arugam Bay tour by Lanka Surf Trips. This tour will take one day and you will be provided with an air-conditioned van together with a driver.

There are numerous surfing schools in Sri Lanka if you want to learn that sport. There is the Bandula surfing school in Tangalle. They offer safe lessons that incorporates beginner, intermediate and advanced training. There is also another school for surfing in Sri Lanka named Reef End Surf School located in Hikkaduwa which you may visit.

This blog should have instructed you well about surfing in Sri Lanka. By now you must know the when and where of surfing in the island. You have also seen some Sri Lanka Surf-tours and some popular surfing schools in Sri Lanka where you can hone and practice your surfing skills. You will surely find wonderful opportunities for surfing in Sri Lanka and a fat lot of help.

Written by Prashanth


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